Life on Wonderland?

Spring birth

Once upon no Time in the far away Season galaxy there was a wonderlander called Spring.

Spring was the third of fourth children of a wonderlander.

Spring was really moody sometimes really happy and smiling all the time but there were some bad rainy days as well.

One day Spring was walking and hearing the music from another planet founds something on the road: two animals never seen before by the Season Galaxy. Spring all curious asks:

-Who are you? I’ve never seen someone like you before.

-We’re Butterflies and we’re from the planet Earth and we have more eyes since we’re here.

-Welcome to Wonderland my name is Spring. How did you get here?

-We’re on a mission and I think you’re the one who can help us.

-Me? How? I’m a bit confused now...

-So... where to start? Maybe saying that everything on our planet is dying, there are no mid seasons,flowers aren’t growing anymore, a lot of our animal friends are dying and the forest are burning...Couple of days ago we had a lucid dream together and you were there... A light showed us the way upon here.

-But how can I avoid this catastrophe? How can I be the one?

-Because you’re missing.... and the only way to do it is.... you have to give back your hand to the Universe. A lil special bracelet was given us and you just have to wear it and if everything works out a flower is gonna grow instead of your hand.

-As a good Wonderlander I’ve learned that sometimes we’ve have to sacrifice something for bigger and common purpose and if this will make the change give me the bracelet.

So the happy butterflies gave it to Spring, that wearing it, falls on the ground. The hand starts to move in the center of the open Universe, meantime a lil flowers and a road were growing as well.

The butterflies flo ugh this away back to the Earth lighted by the new road that was now connecting the two Galaxies.

From that moment what Spring was touching was breathing and alive again. On the planet Earth life got back as well and where everything was burning before now is blooming instead and the Spring was back.

Collaboration with @fanyste @golygriptape