Life on Wonderland?


Svarione is an indipendent short film written and directed by Alice Di Pinto. This is an experiment about the meaning of the word Svarione that in Italian means an huge grammatical error but for young people and for their subculture means the mental trip that you are living after taking drugs. So in this short film, you'll notice how three girls have different character and how this reflect to their Svarione and hopefully you will enjoy the ride!

Lotus Flower

Lotus Flowers is a short skate film about the project “Skateboarding is my nature” that took place in the wonderful Tree of Life skatecamp. The camp is located circa 100 km from Berlin. A group of girls from mostly around Germany took part of this project with the aim of living a weekend of pure skateboarding in harmony with the breathtaking landscapes around. Written and directed by Alice Di Pinto.


STRORMAUFALL is an indipendent short movie written and directed by Alice Di Pinto that take place in Berlin. The short movie aim to give a visual meaning to the word STRORMAUSFALL (Blackout).


Passione is an experimental short movie that combines animation and filming. Passione is a story of two lost souls that after a long journey through galaxy and Berlin find themself at the end of the trip tired just laying on a sofa that was out somewhere to giveaway. Written and directed by Alice Di Pinto.